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Family members admitted to Wren Hall all undergo a full assessment of their individual needs by people trained to do so. If the Home is unable to adequately meet those needs, then an offer of residency is not made.

All potential Family members seeking to come to Wren Hall are interviewed and their needs assessed by Wren Hall, including those seeking respite and day care. If, for some reason, a person is not able to come to the Nursing Home for assessment, arrangements are made to visit them.

All potential Family members are entitled to be considered for NHS continuing Health Care, before any other assessment is undertaken.

Where a person is referred through care management arrangements of the Local Authority their individual needs are initially assessed by either NHS or Social Services staff. In such cases Wren Hall receives a summary of that assessment and a copy of the Care Plan produced by the care assessment team.

For all persons who are self-funding their individual needs are assessed by the Deputy Matron, who are registered general nurses. All self-funding Family members will be informed of their eligibility for an assessment by an NHS nurse to determine their level of nursing need. Currently the NHS will contribute £165.56 per week towards nursing care fees.

On admission all Family members have a qualified nurse designated as their named nurse. Together with the named nurse, their relatives and associated care staff, specific aims and objectives are identified, that are compatible with the Resident's strengths and weaknesses. These aims and objectives are used as a baseline for the Registered Nurses to devise your individualised Care Plan.

All potential Family members are encouraged to have a trial visit at Wren Hall. Trial visits can range from a few hours to an overnight stay and will usually be free of charge. All placements are offered on a trial basis of three months at which time the placements can be terminated by either party, giving one weeks' notice.

Prior to becoming a resident at Wren Hall, our Persons and/or their relatives will have visited Wren Hall to see if it is capable of providing a service which will meet their needs/expectations.

One of our senior registered nurses will also have assessed the potential Persons' needs to establish that Wren Hall has the expertise and resources to fully meet the individuals' needs. Only once senior staff are confident that Wren Hall is able to meet the potential Person's needs are they offered a place at Wren Hall. On the day of admission, the room will have been prepared for our new Person, so that they will feel at home and any special requirements will have been attended to.

On arrival at the Home, our Person and their family/friends will be welcomed by the qualified nurse who they had met previously and will be shown to their room. All will be offered a drink and given opportunity to relax. If the new Person is unaccompanied, they will be given the choice of being left in private in their room to settle in, or having a member of staff with them. They will be able to unpack their personal belongings in private, or alternatively they may wish to leave them until later. Our staff will be happy to help with the unpacking should a Person wish this.

The admitting nurse will ascertain how the Person prefers to be addressed by others and will ensure these wishes are communicated to all other staff. The new Person will be shown how to use the nurse call system and will be encouraged to try it for themself to be reassured of its effectiveness. Once the Person is relaxed the nurse will show them around the Home and introduce them to a few of the other Family members.

The admitting nurse will take admission details from our Person, their relatives or advocate when they are ready for this to be done. The nurse will explain the reasons and necessity for the information gathered and who would have access to it. Information required on admission will include information about a Person's background, personal history, health, medication, personal insurance, whether they have a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, Appointed Deputy, Advance Decision and details of any Solicitor along with information of interests, likes and dislikes.

This will give our staff a clear picture about the Person and their needs which will assist the nurses in devising a personalised care plan.

The family and friends are welcome to stay with the Person as long as they wish. Ample time to say goodbye to relatives and friends will be given. All will be reassured that visitors will always be welcome.

When companions have left, the Person will be given the choice of joining other Family members in the communal rooms or being allowed the privacy of their own room. Unobtrusive observation will be carried out by our staff at all times to ensure that help and assurance can be given as needed.

Our Persons will be provided with the type of bedding to which they are familiar, comfortable and happy and assured that they are fee to go to bed at a time which suits them.

Persons/family/friends may ask questions at any time. Our staff are available to help you at all times.

More detailed information of our admissions procedure is found in quality procedure WH/QP01 of our procedure manual.