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We have a full-time Activity Coordinator who provides social activities for our Family members throughout the week.

A selection of daily newspapers are delivered to Wren Hall for the use of all Family members. Should you require your own personal newspaper or a magazine the Home can make arrangements for them to be delivered. You will then be billed directly by the Newsagents.

The main lounge is equipped with a large television and video-cassette recorder and in most Resident's rooms there is a portable television operated by remote control. In the main lounge an induction loop is fitted so that those Family members with hearing aids fitted with a T-switch can listen to the television without the irritation of background noise.

Every six weeks a mobile library service visits Wren Hall and should you wish to borrow some books you may do so. Large print books are available for those who prefer them.

There is a selection of board games available for Family members' use, and staff are allocated to organise such activities each afternoon.

The vicar of the local Church of England visits the Nursing Home on a regular basis to hold religious services and give communion and arrangements can be made for religious services to be held by other denominations.

Outings and fund raising events are regularly arranged throughout the year. These events are planned in conjunction with the Family members Committee which meets monthly. If you wish to join the committee you are welcome to do so.

An activities programme is devised monthly by our Activities Coordinator. This is displayed in our monthly magazine.

Should you wish for a particular activity to be performed please see Sharon, our Activity Coordinator.

We have a wheelchar friendly minibus which we use to take our Family members out and about.

Therapeutic Activities

Wren Hall offers a range of therapeutic activities for our Family members. These include:

Pink Bullet Point Physiotherapy
Pink Bullet Point Speech Therapy
Pink Bullet Point Reflexology
Pink Bullet Point Aromatherapy

All of these therapies are purchased by Wren Hall where they are not provided by the NHS (National Health Service). These therapies may be included in our all-inclusive care package or the resident may pay for theses as and when they are accessed. Such therapies may be given to an individual resident or to a group of Family members.

Each resident has the right to choose whether they have their treatment in total privacy with the therapist or whether they are accompanied by a care assistant, nurse or a relative/friend.

On occasions you may be asked if care assistants/nurses observce whilst you undertake your therapeutic activity. This will be either to gain insight into the therapy being practised or to gain more knowledge of how to enhance your care delivery.