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All Family members have a nursing care plan which is usually formulated within the first five days of admission. The care plan comprises of each resident's personal profile, a number of differing assessment tools, a plan of care for each area of identified need and evaluation reports. Parts of the care plan are maintained on our computer and also in had written format.

On admission to Wren Hall each resident will be allocated a named nurse who will be responsible for devising an individualised care plan. This nurse will also have the responsibility of updating the plan as and when appropriate and for reviewing the care plan at least on a monthly basis.

We aim to formulate and review care plans in discussion/agreement with our Family members and where appropriate their relatives. Your care plan will be continually monitored and evaluated in line with your progress. Family members can have access to their own Care Plan at any time. Family members/their advocates have the right to view their care plan at any time.

They can question any aspect of the care plan and we will endeavour to give clear explanations/justifications as appropriate.

Review of a Resident's care plan is a continuous process and is amended as an when appropriate in agreement with all concerned. Formal review of each care plan takes place at least once per month, by each individual's named nurse.